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Truck & Vehicle Lift Gates & Tommy Gate repair in Sparks

Truck & vehicle lift gates are essential for transporting heavy items. When lift gates break down, repairs are crucial to avoid further damage and maintain safety. Tommy Gate is a popular brand of lift gates and the experienced professionals at Washoe Metal Fabricating in Sparks can provide reliable repair services for this and other lift gate brands. 


Horse Trailer Repair & Service at Washoe Metal Fabricating

Horse trailer repairs and service are vital to ensure the safety and comfort of both the horse and the driver. Regular maintenance and repairs can prevent breakdowns and prolong the trailer's lifespan. Services can include brake and suspension repairs, electrical system checks, and structural repairs. Trusting experienced professionals can ensure reliable and high-quality repairs for your horse trailer. 

Transfer Flow Tanks and Repair in Sparks

Transfer flow tanks are designed to provide safe and secure transportation of fuel for commercial and industrial purposes. Over time, these tanks can develop leaks or other issues, which require immediate repair to avoid hazardous conditions. Washoe Metal Fabricating in Sparks can provide reliable transfer flow tank repair services to ensure optimal performance and safety. 


Axle Services, Maintenance & Repair in Sparks

Axle service, maintenance, and repair are crucial to ensure the proper function of a vehicle's suspension system. Regular maintenance can help prevent premature wear and damage to the axle, while timely repairs can avoid costly replacements. Washoe Metal Fabricating can provide comprehensive services such as axle repair, bearing replacement, and differential maintenance. 


RV Winterizing at Washoe Metal Fabricating in Sparks

RV winterizing is the process of preparing an RV for storage during the winter months. This involves draining water from the plumbing system, adding antifreeze to prevent freezing, and protecting the exterior from damage. Proper winterization can prevent costly repairs and prolong the life of the RV. Trust experienced professionals for reliable RV winterizing services. 

Purchase, Installation, & Maintenance of Snowplows in Sparks

 Washoe Metal Fabricating in Sparks offers a range of services related to snowplows, including purchase, installation, and maintenance. We offer high-quality plows from top brands, and their experienced technicians can ensure proper installation and reliable maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Trust them for all your snowplow needs. 

Flatbed Maintenance, Service, and Repair in Sparks

Washoe Metal Fabricating in Sparks offers comprehensive flatbed maintenance, repair, and service for all types of commercial trucks. Their experienced technicians can provide reliable and efficient services, including flatbed repair, installation, and customization. Trust them for all your flatbed needs and ensure optimal performance and safety for your truck. 


Utility Body Truck Service & Repair at Washoe Metal Fabricating

Washoe Metal Fabricating in Sparks offers professional maintenance, service, and repair for utility body trucks of all kinds. Their experienced technicians can provide efficient and reliable repairs for hydraulic systems, toolboxes, cranes, and other components. Trust them for all your utility truck needs and ensure optimal performance and safety.